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Nakoya Yancey

 Freelance Hair Designer & Wig Maker UK Trained

I.A.T.S.E 798 & 706 

This is my passion, this is my love!!


Nakoya is a Hair Designer, with over 30 years of professional experience, a UK trained Wig Maker and Facial Hair Piece Maker.  Nakoya freelances as a Hair Stylist, Wig Maker, and Wig Supplier.  She is available for set productions such as film, television, commercial, music videos, Red Carpet events, and Editorial Shoots. 


Nakoya, started in hair school at the age of 16.  She received her Cosmetology License at the age of 18.  Hair is Nakoya’s passion and love.  In the salon world Nakoya has won Hair Show Awards and appeared in numerous Hair Magazines.  In the salon Nakoya’s speciality was extensions, wigs, cuts, and colors.  


Watching the famous show The Wire on HBO peaked Nakoya’s curiosity to the Film and Television world of Hair Styling.  In 2009 Nakoya got her first break on the film The Best and The Brightest.  From that day on Nakoya never looked back.  


Nakoya, learned period wig styling from working on the AMC television Turn.  After six hard long years Nakoya was able to join 798 in 2015.  Working on Turn Nakoya was able to see and work with wigs that were made by Peter Owen, Peter King, and Ray Marston.  Nakoya next move was to go to England and learn the timeless craft of Wig Making.  This move took Nakoya to another level.  Nakoya starting in New York shortly after coming back from England.  With the knowledge and craft Nakoya learned overseas, landed her a job on The Greatest Showman as a Wig Maker.  Nakoya has been blessed enough to work under the legendary Jerry Popolis, the late Kenneth Walker, Nathan Busch, and Jerry DeCarlo.  Some of Nakoya’s credits include If Beale Street Could Talk, One Night In Miami, And Just Like That Season 1, Shirley, and Queen Sugar to name a few.  


Nakoya’s main goal is to grow, educate herself, stay fluid, and viable in this ever changing industry.  

Contact Information: / (757) 288-7728



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